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We're home to several fantastic bands who grace our stage in our dedicated concert room every week! Click more to see upcoming events and acts at the Club.

About Us

Stanley Ward has been providing the local Blackpool area with a community hub for over 60 years now, find out more here.

What's On Weekly

Find out more about whats on every day during the week including our bingo nights, snooker nights and other regular events

Function Hire

Our Dedicated Concert room is avaliable for hire!


Stanley Ward Conservative Club strives to provideyou with the best venue and services for your event. Press more for further information on our venue and how to book.

Membership Enquires


Stanley Ward Conservative Club has been serving the community for over 60 years, but without our loyal members there wouldn't be a club.


For those of you who are not currently members but wish to join our community please follow the more link bellow for further information on how to join Stanley Ward Conservative Club as a member.

Contact Us

If you wish to contact the club for whatever reason please follow the link below to do so. Our Secretary will do their best to help providing you with a quick and concise reply, should you wish to visit the club detail on where we are can be found here also.

Club Update 16th April 2022

Next AGM 

The 71st AGM - Sunday 22nd May 11:00 am

Club Update 16th April 2022


Core Club Opening Hour Review (No Change)

Monday        18:30 - 22:30

Tuesday        Closed 

Wednesday   Closed

Thursday      13:00 - 22:30

Friday           16:15 - 23:30

Saturday       16:15 - 00:00

Sunday         16:15 - 22:30

The Club maybe open to Members, outside of these hour when pre booked functions are in progress. The Core Opening Hour are reviewed regularly and at committee meetings.

Club Update 

29th January 2022

Membership Renewals 2022

If you renewed your membership in 2020 and have a new style membership card with your photo on, we have simplified how you can renew for 2022

Dear Members,


As you know, it's membership renewal time during February for the club, when most of our members call in to pay their annual membership. This year we have simplified how you can renew and donate more if you wish.


In 2021, the committee decided that all individuals whose memberships were paid in 2020 and who received a new card with their photo on, will run over through to 2021. This year's subscription for 2022 will be; Full Members - £10.00, Country Members - £5.00. The club would still be happy to receive any donations in addition to this minimum membership renewal amount. 


In response to this communication many of you chose to donate in 2021 and the response was most welcome. The committee and officers would like to thank all members who chose to do this.


To renew your 2022 Membership you have two options.


Option One - Call in to the Club

Bring your Photo Membership card, fill in a short form, hand over the bar with your membership fee.

If you would like to pay more than the minimum renewal fee, as many of you chose to do during 2021 please fill in that amount.

Option Two - By bank transfer.

This is the easiest, most cost effective and safest way to renew your membership. But you must have a new membership card to do this with your photo on the front. (Issued in 2020)


Bank details for the Club are as follow:


Stanley Ward Conservative Club Limited


Bank Sort code:       40-12-13      

Account Number      42186497


Please use reference Mem, then your membership number (last 4 digits only) in the reference field as "Memxxxx" 


If you wish to Renew for other family members, unfortunately it will have to be a separate transfer due to the character limitations in the bank transfer form reference field. Other members have set up standing orders and are making monthly donations, again the process and reference numbers are the same, should you wish to do this. However we must receive your Minimum renewal fee for 2022 Full Members - £10.00, Country Members - £5.00, by the end of February 2022 for your membership to be continuous.

We would also be grateful if you could pass this message on to other club members who may not be Facebook users, or use emails or the internet. (Or who may not have been in the club recently)


The Officers and Committee are grateful for your ongoing support and say a huge “Thank You”, to all those members that have already donated to The Club during 2021.


The Officers and Committee,

Stanley Ward Conservative Club


30th Jan 2022 – Facebook / Website / Notice Board / EMailshot

Club Update 

30th December 2021

Opening Times for the New Year 2022

Monday       6:30 - 10:30pm

Tuesday      Closed

Wednesday Closed

Thursday     1:00 - 10:30pm 

Friday          4:15 - 11:30pm

Saturday      4:15 - 12:00 pm

Sunday        4:15 - 10:30 pm

Functions outside these times will be considered.

Club Update - Please Click On "About" - "COVID" at the top for more

12th August 2021

Further to the update below and following the AGM, new non-member pricing comes into place today.

Opening Times have also been extended and updated.

Opening Times from 12th August 2021


Monday to Wednesday Closed

Thursday   from 6:00 pm

Friday        from 5:30 pm 
Saturday    from 5:30 pm
Sunday      from 4:30 pm 


Club Update - Please Click On "About" - "COVID" at the top for more

10th July 2021


Stanley Ward Conservative Re-Opening July 2021

Dear Members,


The Officers, Committee and All the Staff are delighted to announce the re-opening of the club. 


It’s Table Service, and Restricted Numbers for the first couple of weekends, as we outlined on the 5th April 2021 in our emails to you, Facebook Posts and Website. However, after that and with the lifting of the Government Restrictions it will be back to normal, we all hope, and maybe back to some dancing on the dance floor too.


We had a great first night, last night, in the club, with lots of the “Friday Night” crowd in. It was great to catch up with many of you and we are all looking forward to another great night tonight with our live Band, Bingo, Raffle and of course Ian on the Mike!


Opening Times 


Monday to Thursday Closed

Friday        from 6:30 pm 
Saturday    from 6:30 pm
Sunday      from 4:30 pm 
Opening Times will continue to be limited but driven by demand, these times are under constant review & will be extended in the coming weeks and for events. (Like football and any functions)



There has been a tremendous amount of work completed in the run up to opening to ensure The Club is compliant and ready to open. This has been completed by Julie and supported, by the Officers and committee, with our Staff playing key roles in getting the Bar ready. Thank You to everyone who has been involved. 




Membership Cards for 2021


New Cards, now active                                                                         

  • If you renewed your membership in 2020, you will have a new type card with your picture on it. There was no renewal fee for 2021, so your card is active till 31st Jan 2022.

  • If like Boris, you have not collected your card, it’s waiting for you at the Club.


Old Cards, no longer active – Chance to Renew £10 

  • If you have and Old Type card, without your picture on, your membership will have expired.

  • You have an opportunity to re-join on Friday evenings between 6:30pm & 7:30 pm till 20th August 2021 for £10.00 Bring your old card to speed things up. Thanks!


No Card, New Members

  • If you do not have membership and would like to join the club, please obtain a membership form from the club and submit.

  • For a limited time, we are offering Membership to New Members for £15.00, with renewal in Feb 2022

  • You have an opportunity to join on Friday evenings between 6:30pm & 7:30pm, till 20th August 2021 for £15.00.

  • Please ensure two existing members have signed your new membership form




We have an exciting Live Band line up every Saturday going forwards and all the normal Saturday Night Fun, led by Ian. Plus as we start to get busier, the reintroduction of Bingo and our other popular club games, including Golden Balls, Joe90 and More. Keep an eye on Facebook for the latest bands and changes to opening times.



Bar Pricing

With support from our main brewery, we will be holding our 2019 Pricing for a while. As highlighted in our posts and email in April there have effectively been three pricing increases by breweries since our current members pricing was set.  The good news for a short while, we will maintain 2019 pricing, we hope you enjoy it while it lasts. Prices are substantially lower than our local venues. The pricing will be revised, our aim, as ever, is to continue to negotiate the best possible deal for our Club with Breweries and ensure our members pricing, where possible, is the lowest in the area, whilst building back our “War Chest” for the future of The Club.


Our Two Biggest Selling Products and price comparison are as follows;


Coors                                      Carling

The Club   £2.75                     The Club             £2.70 Members Price

Highfield   £3.60                      Highfield             £3.25

Shovels    £3.65                      Shovels               £3.45

Velvet       £3.49                      Velvet                  £3.49




Euro 2020 Final Sunday 11th July

I wanted also to confirm our intentions for opening for The Football Final, tomorrow.


We have Two Large Screen, one in the concert room and one in the Games Room. In addition to this, we have TV’s in other areas including the Member’s Lounge and TV room. All available screens will be showing the match.


The Club will Open at 4:30 as planned,

Last Orders 30mins after final whistle, Or 11:30 at the latest.


The snooker room be set up for the match from 6pm, with covers in place and the surplus chairs being stored in the darts area will be used to create seating amongst the tables in front of the Games Room Big screen. This will allow the restricted capacity in the games room to be increased to 37


Due to the Government Restriction

  • Total COVID Capacity for the building is 150, with maximums for each area.

  • Table Service will be in place, with increased staff numbers compared to summer 2020.

  • Please continue to follow the existing guidance, including the use face masks while walking around the club.


There is no need to book, we will keep you informed once we have reached capacity. Needless to say, “turn up early to avoid any potential disappointment”.




We all hope that our continued Great Pricing and Approach to the Final will ensure an enjoyable night for all members and staff.


On behalf of the Officers, Committee and Staff,

Thank you for your continued support at The Club



Membership Update

Membership Card 2021 

9th July 2021

New Cards, now active

• If you renewed your membership in 2020, you will have a new type card

  with your picture on it. There was no renewal fee for 2021, so your card is

  active till 31st Jan 2022.

• If like Boris, you have not collected your card, it’s waiting for you at the Club.

Old Cards, no longer active – Chance to Renew £10

• If you have and Old Type card, like “Stanley” your membership has expired.

• You have an opportunity to rejoin on Friday evenings between 6:30pm &

  7:30 pm till 20th August 2021 for £10.00

  Bring your old card to speed things up. Thanks!

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